RISE THE PHOENIX is a 4 piece, original, rock band from Mobile, Alabama that rocks hard and leaves it all on stage. RISE THE PHOENIX is about rebirth; of leaving the ash heap of mistakes to sore high above as the victorious creature you were destined to be! Thanks to the support of friends, families, and fans these four musicians are rising from the ashes as one being, greater than the sum of its parts. Learn a little bit about them below. 

Jessee Sawyer

Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar

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Jessee was born in Mobile, AL on June 28, 1980. Growing up as part of a musical family, he started singing with his dad and in church at very young age. At the age of 13, he picked up the guitar and wrote his first song.Influenced by classic, southern and modern rock, he has been able to evolve into the artist you hear him as today. 

As lead singer for the bands, Skrayp (2009-2011), Fallen Amber (2012), SkinCrawl (2013) and Less than Stellar(2013-2014), he has had fantastic runs playing with great musicians and making great memories. Recently, he has worked with fellow bandmates and friends to assemble, what is now... Rise the Phoenix. 

With a distinct writing ability, he brings a positive and upbeat message with his growling vocals and reinforcing guitar riffs. 

"Music saves lives... As long as our music can help at least one person have a different, but positive, outlook on a troubled life, we are doing what we are meant to do"- Jessee Sawyer

Brandon Rodgers

Lead Guitar/Back-Up Vocals

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Brandon was born on November 28, 1990 in Tampa, FL. He started playing guitar at a young age. Influenced by bands, such as, Alterbridge, Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch and Rage against the Machine, his guitar playing style is new hard rock with an old school sensibility. 

He met Jessee in 2018 and they founded the band that has become Rise the Phoenix.  Along with his monster guitar riffs, Brandon is equipped with a great work ethic and an "I will not fail" attitude. He hopes that the music that he helps create will touch and help people through hard times and bring some happiness to their world. 

Joseph "Tertle" Carter

Bass/ Back-Up Vocals

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Joseph "Tertle" Carter was born in MIssissippi but moved to Mobile County, AL at a young age. He has several year experience playing bass and has spent alot of time and dedicated himself to being one of the best in the business. With the understanding that growth is a must, he has joined Rise the Phoenix with the drive and determinatioin to help solidify and place the music and band on the map. 

Trebor Genry

Drums/Back-Up Vocals

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Trebor Genry was born in Mobile, AL on Oct 24th 1980. He has lived his life banging on thinsg from a young age. With his brother, Mike, teaching him the ways of percussion he finds himself in a premier position to land RtP on the  fast track of stardom. 

Trebor has several year of experience, playing in bands such as Dr. O and also Love the Hate, just to name a couple. What his views and he hopes to accomplish is along the same lines as his fellow bandmates and hopefully soon, Rise the Phoenix will be everywhere with his help.